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Görlitz is known as perhaps the most beautiful city in Germany and boasts over 4,000 listed monuments, making it the largest area of listed monuments in Germany. The special architecture across four stylistic eras has also attracted filmmakers from all over the world. We are very pleased about this, and are grateful, and proud of it.

But Görlitz can do even more. There is a wealth of special features in our city that we would like to show you-the small shops, the interesting people, the extraordinary events, and fun offers.

görlitz is

european city

The European City of Görlitz and the Polish Zgorzelec form a single unit. Connected by the pedestrian bridge in the centre, you can enjoy strolling, shopping, and eating on both sides of the Neisse.

germany's largest area of listed monuments

With its 4,000 monuments, Görlitz is Germany's largest area of listed monuments - from 500 years of European architectural history - buildings from the most diverse epochs can be experienced here - from Gothic and Renaissance to the Wilhelminian period, and Art Nouveau.


Görlitz was chosen as the film location of the decade. The "European Film Location Award of the Decade", which was awarded for the first time, went to Görlitz because of its extraordinary film locations (including the Oscar®-winning "The Grand Budapest Hotel").

a museum

Take a stroll through Görlitz – it’s relaxing. You walk slower and look around, discover and even develop a certain curiosity. And, of course, there are numerous museums "in the museum" that you must see; including the Silesian Museum in Görlitz, the Museum of Cultural History, the Kaisertrutz in Görlitz and the Upper Lusatian Library of Sciences.

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Patrizierhaus St. Jonathan
Piwnica Staromiejska

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Kings Pub
Landskorn Braumanufaktur


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